8 Ways to Stress Less With a Busy Schedule

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If you’re like me, you juggle a packed schedule of working full time and growing your side hustle along with working out, eating healthy, spending time with your husband, going to church, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, all on top of dentist appointments, brunch dates, planning your hair wash days, seeing family, finally dropping off the Goodwill donations, keeping your plants alive… the list goes on!

Adulting can be difficult, busy and filled with lots of to-dos, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 8 actionable ways you can take some stress out of your busy day.

1. Start Your Day with Gratitude
I’ve made my mornings much more of a priority in 2019 and it’s been a game changer for me. I set aside time (even before hoping on social media or answering emails) to start my day reading a devotional, in prayer and writing down a few things I’m grateful for.

Approaching your day with a thankful heart will jumpstart your morning and set intensions in the right mind-set for a positive day to come. If you don’t already have a gratitude journal, I highly recommend starting one!

2. Make a To-Do List
I generally make a weekly to-do list but when I know I have a particularly busy week, I will make one for each day and even include small things like dropping a thank you card in the mail or emailing someone back. When you write things down you don’t have to stress about remembering them! If you’re someone who prefers a fully digital to-do list, I like the Wunderlist App.

3. Stick to Your Schedule (but know things can change)
Have an attitude of flexibility is what I’m saying! Being a planner like myself, it can be stressful when something doesn’t go according to that plan. Which of course, can happen any day/any time! I’ve learned that having a go-with-the-flow attitude when schedules change can get rid of a whole lotta stress in your day. Understandably it can be frustrating if you drove 45 minutes to the place that was closed or your coffee date texts you last minute they aren’t coming when you’re already sitting down with two lattes, but that’s life! When something doesn’t go as planned, try to be flexible and not let it hinder the rest of your day.

4. Maximize Your Travel Time 
Whether you have time in your car or walking to work in the morning, maximize that time by listening to a podcast, brainstorming a new idea you had, catching up on personal emails to friends/family or even just taking a few minutes breathe and be in silence. Being intentional about those moments in your day that you truly have all to yourself can make all the difference.

5. Get Your Laugh On
I know this may sound cliché but laughter really is one of the best medicines! Whether it’s a friend you love chatting with, or listening to a funny podcast while you’re on the elliptical, laughter will decrease your stress for sure. My husband will tell you this, he always wants to spend the later part of the evening watching something funny on Netflix to end the day on a good note. 🙂

5. Nourish Your Body
When you’re running from one thing to the next, it’s important to keep your body nourished and hydrated! I always make sure to keep a bar or snack pack of almonds in my bag so if meetings run long or I am on-the-go that I have a healthy snack option. And when it does come time to have a meal, I try my best to choose things that are going to keep me energized. I’m no dietitian but one thing that what works for me, is fueling with greens, fruits and proteins in my morning or post-workout smoothie to ensure I’m getting the nutrients and antioxidants I need. I’ve been absolutely loving Daily Harvest lately!

7. Get Moving
Exercise of course, is one of the best stress-relievers! Find a time to workout that works best for your schedule. And then look forward to that time! I love ending my work day at Pure Barre and find it the best way to de-stress my mind from the “always-on” busyness of the office. When my week becomes hectic and I schedule over my workout time I can definitely tell it impacts my mood. Even if it’s going on a quick 30-minute walk or run, get moving sister!

8. Be Intentional About “Me” Time
Self-care is extremely important. Taking time out of your day that’s just for you is important. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, reading, catching up on your favorite show, stopping at your favorite boutique after work, treating yourself to a latte. Whatever that looks like to you, ensure that you keep making time for yourself and continue to fit those things in your schedule that make you happy/that you’re passion about.

Learning to combat stress in your life is beneficial in so many ways! I’m definitely not perfect and don’t know anyone who lives a completely stress-free, worry-free life but all the above have worked for me!

What are some ways that you de-stress during a busy week?! Share them below!

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